I started watching VHS but I’m gonna stop now because I’m too angry/disgusted. The only representation women get in this movie is to be either sexualized props that are beaten, raped and used or they’re the monsters ruining everything for everyone. I just want good horror movies, not this fucking bullshit.


sorry to say but limecrime is not vegan :(

whaaaaat???? i like triple checked!!! its sold on heaps of specialty vegan online stores !!

unfortunately the owner, Doe Deere or w/e, is known for lying about the products and repackaging things she sells on LimeCrime.. like she’s lied before saying things were vegan when they had carmine and bee’s wax. It’s just an awful company all over :/ here: http://veganmakeup.tumblr.com/post/81474519086/how-cruelty-free-are-lime-crime-really